Drugs and mentality with Nooks and Crannies

Greetings, Comrades!

This episode is with Matt from Nooks and Crannies podcast, where we talk about drug policies, the way Canada differs from the US, and how you, colonials, differ from us on the motherland, and why does it all matter. It’s a very neat conversation, and I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Drugs and mentality with Nooks and Crannies
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7 Comments on Drugs and mentality with Nooks and Crannies

  1. Please!
    STOP having guests on. Whomever books your guests needs to be fired. If you are finding your own guests, then stop immediately, especially your western guests, that are all politically off the rails and HARD LEFTISTS.
    All of the guests that you get from the west are nutcases and the opinions are almost solely their own.
    Please, Matt might be a nice person to you, which is why you invited him on, but stop having western guests on, they ruin your episodes.

  2. I completely disagree with Jim.
    If you want to know what HARD LEFTISM is, Jim, I can point you to any number of bars and coffee shops where actual communists meet in three different states, but education doesn’t make people hard leftists, sorry. And Matt didn’t even mention the KKK. It’s funny how y’all on the far right reiterate frequently that anyone who is educated is solely opinionated. Oh, and if you think I’m leftist… I can tell you where to drink with the libertarians and constitutionalists, too. I refuse to remain ignorant of anyone’s perspective.
    But anyway.
    I loved this episode. It was hilarious, firstly. And, I’ll admit me and my BS in Anthropology might be a little biased. I knew all the stuff Matt was talking about. But the most pertinent thing to me was the point you made, Kristaps, about the politics around drugs and how much we trust our fellow human beings with what they put in their bodies. I’ve lived in the most conservative and the most liberal states in the U.S. Weed is medically legal in New Mexico, where people generally believe that your body is your property and you do what you want with it. In Utah, weed is illegal, your body is not your own, especially if you’re female, and even drinking coffee is still looked down on. The ironic thing is, theft is extremely high in NM and extremely low in UT. So you’re trusted with your body but not with anyone’s stuff, or you’re trusted with everyone’s property but not with your own body. Sound familiar? Morm- AHEM- Utahns are socialists. Shhh, don’t tell them. 😉

  3. Loraine, I didn’t come here to talk to to some socially indoctrinated femnbot.
    People like you don’t actually KNOW anything, you just repeat what you have heard, but your so called education is worthless as you lack original thought.
    Mormons socialists?
    Hardly, simply because there has been no socialist society or government that didn’t involve compulsion. The Mormon church can’t force anyone to do anything.
    As to knowing where the commies gather to plot their next genocide, I’m not impressed.
    Now screw off.

    Curonian, please this isn’t your first guest that has spouted nonsense about America and the west in general. It would be as if I were doing a podcast of Latvia and my sole source of information was a 50-year old travel guide from the Soviet era.
    You would know I was full of nonsense if I pretended to know about Latvia, and that’s how guests like Matt sound to us in the west.
    I am from San Diego, CA and have lived here my entire life.
    Matt might know about Canada, but he doesn’t know crap about America, or drugs or race in America.
    Everything is because SLAVERY! Not at all.
    Another example would be If you head an interview with a Russian who didn’t really like Latvia, opining about Latvia. To you it would be obvious the person had some biases.
    Please, just stop having political guests on as you have no ability to discern whom is real and whom is a clown. Invariably they all seem to be leftists of some type.

    Otherwise I love your podcast and make a point of listening to it whenever it updates.

  4. Wow, Jim sure is TRIGGERED!! LMAO! Of course, being female means I can’t possibly know anything at all. That’s cute.
    Good luck with that, Jimmy.

    • Accusing ‘Jim’ of stating, or implying, you know nothing because you are female is a real stretch. Where did you get that? Though unlikely because you are female, you’ve certainly made a good case for your lack of intelligence or, at the very least, lack of honesty in your assertion. I doubt you are ‘LMAO’, as you obviously have a severe, though well founded, inferiority complex. Stop hating yourself, and the world…it’s interfering with your personal development and happiness.

    • Loraine, I knew I had won when you started lying about what I said.
      Indoctrinated feminists come in BOTH genders.
      Nobody cares that you you are a woman. I only react to the nonsense you spew.
      Please, stop hating.

  5. Concur with Jim. So many of your western guests are know-nothings who can’t contribute anything but tired leftist talking points.

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